Our Story

We are team of Engineers and Researcher having experience in both Software, Computer Electronics & Microprocessors Control Systems. We have worked more than 5 yrs in E-Learning and Web Development. We have created many Educational Virtual Games and complex Interactive HTML5 applications of Physics, Chemistry and Maths for desktops and Mobile devices. We have created more than 5000 applications and many Server side software and Cloud based Authoring tools in PHP. We belive knowledge increases by sharing. We have launched one free E-Learning HTML5 Virtual School for students which contains more than 500 educational games and applications.

Never Stop Learning

Virtual to Real Machine World

We further extended our research and connected Virtual World with Real World Machines using Artificial Intelligence. We have created our own Microprocessors and Microcontrollers systems which helps us to connect to real world. We can create physical control systems over WIFI and Internet of any damm thing. So our journey in technology went from Real to Virtual and Virtual to Real World.

Quality Over Quantity

You will always see Innovation, Research & Creativity in our every small piece of work.